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Ironwood Series Cedar Overlay Doors



Superior Quality

Trinity’s Ironwood Series is the highest quality Cedar Overlay Door built in the North Texas region. Thoroughly culled, rough cut cedar from Northwestern US mills are chemically bonded and mechanically fastened to Commercial Grade Steel panels. Care is taken to ensure natural wood grains are matched up between door sections. The door is installed on Commercial Grade Hardware and Tracks required to support the high quality material. Polystyrene Insulation is input into the panels in order to provide a more energy efficient garage and enhance the look of the interior. There are many Cedar Overlay Doors built in this area, but none match the quality materials used in the Trinity Ironwood Series. Do not allow your builder or supplier to cut corners on what is an essential piece of the security and look of your home. Demand the Trinity Ironwood Series above all others.


Custom Sizes and Design

As each Ironwood Series Door is custom built, Trinity offers any size or design that you, or an architect, can imagine. Below are examples of our highest volume designs in a single car garage door size. Each design is shown as a hand drawn concept on the left, then Trinity’s finished door in the middle, and finally, the finished product on the right after the builder has sealed and stained the door. Scroll down the page to view some of our top-selling custom built models.


Trinity Custom Model: Benbrook

Benbrook Design  Benbrook Post-Install  Benbrook Finish Out


Trinity Custom Model: Crawford

Crawford Design  Crawford Post-Install  Crawford Finish Out


Trinity Custom Model: Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches Design  Nacogdoches Post-Install  Nacodoches Finish Out


Trinity Custom Model: Odessa

Odessa Design  Odessa Post-Install Odessa Finish Out


Trinity Custom Model: San Marcos

San Marcos Design  San Marcos Post-Install  San Marcos Finish Out


Trinity Custom Model: Weatherford

Weatherford Design  Weatherford Post-Install  Weatherford Finish Out